Future Projects


Funding process

NCF’s intent is to award grants every year, subject to availability of funds. When there are dividends to be distributed, NCF will advertise a “Call for Proposals.” Brief applications are required, and the advisory committee reviews them carefully before making a decision. Eligibility criteria are that the applicant be a 501c3 organization and that the proposed project aligns with one or more of NCF’s funding priorities.

  • Community Events
  • Youth Sports and Activities
  • Social Justice
  • Beautification Improvements
  • Public Safety
  • Structural Improvements
  • Community Needs
  • Leadership Development

Most grants are small ($500 to $2,500), and the committee likes to see evidence of other sources of funding to ensure that projects can be completed successfully. The grant period is usually one year or less.

Receiving a grant award is not a guarantee of future funding.