About Us

“To continue Northside’s rich history of collaboration and citizen participation, local business and civic leaders have created the Northside Community Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation. This fund supports our neighborhood and the activities that matter to us.


The Northside Community Fund is a permanently endowed, restricted fund.  The funds are on deposit at the North Side Bank & Trust Co. and managed professionally by The Greater Cincinnati Foundation.  Annual dividends on our $100,000 endowment are intended to provide an annual source of funding for neighborhood projects.  All additional donations will be used to either grow the endowment, or provide funding for neighborhood projects.  Donations to the fund are tax deductible.


Any Northside non-profit organization may apply for a grant, however, no grants will be made to individuals.  An advisory committee reviews and awards the grants.  The grant application process will be announced @ NCC and NBA General Membership Meetings and social media.

Meet Our Board Members

Tim Jeckering

Tim Jeckering
A local semi-retired architect and Northside resident whose firm, Jeckering Schneider Architects, Inc., has operated out of Northside for almost 40 years, Tim currently serves as neighborhood chair of the Northside Community Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation.  As an active member of the Northside community in Cincinnati, Tim previously served as president for 8 of his 13 consecutive years as a Northside Community Council Board member.  Tim is currently the president of the Northside Business Association.

Louise Watts

A Northside resident since 1980 in a lovingly “do-it-yourself” restored 1907 home, Louise has been involved in Northside Community Council activities since 1981. She served as Northside Community Council President for 3 years and was on the founding committee for the Northside House Tour, serving until 2014. Louise joined the Northside Community Fund after witnessing the dwindling monies available for start-up projects in all of Cincinnati’s neighborhoods, understanding that if Northside was to continue its progress, funding would have to be found from within the community.

Jason Schneider


Jason and his wife Anne have been living and working in Northside since 1999. Jason has been active and engaged in the neighborhood for several years, having served as President of the Board of Directors for NEST, and as Board Secretary for the Northside Community Council. During the week, Jason is a practicing architect with Jeckering & Schneider Architects. On nights and weekends, you’ll find him cycling around the city with friends and family, and can always be spotted at Findlay Market on Saturday afternoon.

Paul Gemin


Paul and his wife Rike have been Northside residents since 2007.  They love living in a neighborhood with a lively business district, parks, and playgrounds (for the kids).  Paul is an electrical engineer and enjoys photography and house projects.  The family enjoys hiking, biking, and a bit of skiing and climbing.  We love going for walks in the neighborhood and almost always chatting with someone.

Lisa Oliver


A former small business owner and Northside resident since 1999, Lisa has been an NCF board member since 2007. She joined the NCF to help local businesses grow and make the community stand out within Cincinnati.

Tori Houlihan

Tori Houlihan
Tori has been a proud Northsider for 30+years and loves to volunteer in support of neighborhood initiatives. Over the years, she has held leadership roles in Northside Community Council, Northside Greenspace and Citizens on Patrol. She now revels in retirement and takes off on hiking/trekking expeditions at every opportunity.

Lois Zins

Lois Zins

Lois has been a Northside resident for over a decade. She lives with her boyfriend, Greg, daughter, Frannie, and new baby coming in January.

She also has the privilege of working in Northside at the family business, Zins Plumbing. A quick commute.