About Us

“To continue Northside’s rich history of collaboration and citizen participation, local business and civic leaders have created the Northside Community Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation. This fund supports our neighborhood and the activities that matter to us.


The Northside Community Fund is a permanently endowed, restricted fund.  The funds are on deposit at the North Side Bank & Trust Co. and managed professionally by The Greater Cincinnati Foundation.  Annual dividends on our $100,000 endowment are intended to provide an annual source of funding for neighborhood projects.  All additional donations will be used to either grow the endowment, or provide funding for neighborhood projects.  Donations to the fund are tax deductible.


Any Northside non-profit organization may apply for a grant, however, no grants will be made to individuals.  An advisory committee reviews and awards the grants.  The grant application process will be published in “The Northsider, and Bits and Pieces.”

Meet Our Board Members

Tim Jeckering

Tim Jeckering
A local architect and Northside resident whose firm, Tim Jeckering Architects, Inc., has operated out of Northside for almost 35 years, Tim currently serves as neighborhood chair of the Northside Community Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation. As an active member of the Northside community in Cincinnati, Tim previously served as president for 8 of his 13 consecutive years as a Northside Community Council Board member.

Louise Watts

A Northside resident since 1980 in a lovingly “do-it-yourself” restored 1907 home, Louise has been involved in Northside Community Council activities since 1981. She served as Northside Community Council President for 3 years and was on the founding committee for the Northside House Tour, serving until 2014. Louise joined the Northside Community Fund after witnessing the dwindling monies available for start-up projects in all of Cincinnati’s neighborhoods, understanding that if Northside was to continue its progress, funding would have to be found from within the community.

Don Beimesche

Don Beimesche

A lifelong Cincinnati resident, Don worked for The North Side Bank & Trust Co. for over 48 years, retiring as Vice-President and Manager of the Main Office at the end of 2012. He remains the Corporate Secretary for the Bank. Don has been active in the Northside Business Association, Northside-College Hill Kiwanis, CNCURC (Northside’s development corporation). Through his role in the Northside Community Fund, Don works to serve the community that has adopted him.

Lisa Auciello


Lisa Auciello has been a Northside resident for ten years, serving on the boards of both the Northside Community Fund and the Northside Community Council. Over her 10 years in Northside, she has volunteered with the House Tour, Porch Tour, Rock & Roll Carnival, Great American Clean-up, and ODOT Roadway Clean-ups, as well as running her own personal clean-up crews. Lisa worked on a community team who won a $25,000 grant from WeTHRIVE! She is also a member of the Safety & Livability Committee and has been an active member of the Citizens on Patrol Program for the past eight years. She continues to be an authentic ambassador for all that supports Northside’s sparkle.

Tony Michel

Tony’s ties to Northside go back to the 1940s, when he would spend many happy summer days at his grandmother’s house on the corner of Pullan and Chambers. Her love for Northside was catching: as his business, Michel Tire, continued to grow, he moved its offices to Northside, first to 1689 Blue Rock St., then to a larger facility at 1217 Ellis St. Tony has always believed Northside is a great area to live and do business, and Michel Tire still owns these four acres on Ellis to this day. Tony and his wife are both volunteers for CAIN, and he is honored to serve on the Northside Community Fund.

Kellie Kruse


Kellie runs Harris Distributing and Warehousing Company, a 3rd generation family business that has been located in Northside for the past 81 years. A mother of two, she has hopes of the next generation carrying on her grandparents’ legacy. When asked to be on the Northside Community Fund board, Kellie was amazed to learn how much the NCF does for the Northside community. She is proud to be a part of this wonderful organization and looks forward to see what the bright future holds for the Northside community.

Lisa Oliver


A former small business owner and Northside resident since 1999, Lisa has been an NCF board member since 2007. She joined the NCF to help local businesses grow and make the community stand out within Cincinnati.

Gwen Finegan


A Northside resident since 1984, Gwen serves as a technical adviser within the NCF. She was involved in setting up the NCF with funds remaining from the 5 year Community Investment Partners (CIP) initiative (1999-2003). She was the Project Manager and grant writer for the CIP grant. It promoted comprehensive community development: physical, economic, and social.

Dan Doran

Dan has done business out of Northside since 1965, serving as the president of both Ace Doran Hauling & Rigging and Adco Realty. In addition to serving on the board of the NCF, he is also on the board of directors for First Guard Insurance.