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Three Reasons to Fund the Future with NCF

There are many great reasons to give to the Northside Community Fund. We’ve listed the top three for you here.

3. No Staff, All Giving

The Northside Community Fund, has no office. There are no secretaries and staff to pay. What does that mean to you? Your donations go directly to community events and organizations. Your donation is all gift and no strings attached.


2. Sustainability

Have you ever wondered how nonprofit organizations are able to sustain their programs?¬†Great programs like the Farmer’s Market are made possible by regular grants from the Northside Community Fund. Your donations will help many organizations achieve their goals.


1. Give Local

Tim Jeckering believes that if you eat local, you should give local. Your donation stays in Northside to make our community a better place to live. It’s like giving money to yourself, except the whole neighborhood benefits.


There you have it! Donate today and fund our community’s future.